Remote HD

the ultimate way to remotely access your Mac, PC and Apple TV
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Mac Apple TV PC
Apple TV generation 1
  • Add AirPlay to your old AppleTV
  • Supports AirPlay from iOS 5 including DRM protected content
  • AirPlay from Android devices running doubleTwist + AirTwist
  • Compatible with Camera for AppleTV iOS app
  • Brings AppleTV's display to your iOS device
  • Touch integration with AppleTV's interface
  • Provides Remote, Keyboard, Mouse and Multi-Touch Trackpad
  • XBMC and Boxee compatible
Apple TV generation 2
  • Bring AppleTV's display into your iOS
  • Touch integration with AppleTV's interface
  • Full keyboard support, including in XBMC
  • Global playback controls
  • Quick Launch
  • Gesture control
  • Dedicated NowPlaying button
  • Trackpad support in CouchSurfer